DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5 Stainless Bolt Action

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Stainless Seventy5 Action

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DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5 Series Bolt Actions are manufactured with high quality material and tolerances to deliver ultimate accuracy. Our Actions are beneficial for all purposes, including hunting, competition or recreational shooting.

Note: Delivery Date for Purchased Actions is Approximately 4 weeks. Actions are readily available, they are Serialized, Engraved and Coated as they are purchased.

KEY FEATURES – Stainless Action Body:

  1. Larger ejection port, makes for easy loading

  2. Anti-bind rail

  3. Remington 700 foot print

  4. Accepts Wyatt’s extended internal box magazines

  5. Integral recoil lug

  6. Side bolt release

  7. Screw hole spacing works with Talley, Nesika Bay, Hawkins Precision LR Hybrid Rings

  8. Double pinned scope base

  9. Gas vent, in case of a case head separation or pierced primer


  1. 75 degree bolt throw, two lug design

  2. Hardened steel shroud

  3. One piece bolt

  4. DLC coated bolt

  5. Chrome silica firing pin spring

  6. One piece bolt handle

  7. Plunger ejector

  8. M16 style extractor

  9. Interrupted flute design does not damage brass in mag.

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