Alpha AS

Price- $3,750.00*

*Price subject to change. Please inquire for formal estimate.

Build List

*DNA Spec/X-Cal stainless barrel
*Gas block, titanium, adjustable
*Thread Protector, Stainless, Fluted, 5/8×24
*Gas Tube, stainless, custom tuned during the assembly of the rifle
*LCH7 carbon fiber handguard, mLok, adapter nut machine timed during assembly
*Fluting of the adapter nut for weight reduction purposes
*ARCA plate, 5 inch, DNA, Gen2, Rlock integrated
*JP Enterprises Lomas Bolt Carrier Group, QPQ treated, High Pressure
*DNA Firearm Systems ambidextrous extended charging handle
*Enhanced ejection port cover
*DNA Firearm Systems matched Alpha receiver set (reduced weight)
*Magazine 10rd, Magpul Pmag
*DNA Lower Parts Kit
*Extended magazine release
*DNA Stainless trigger pins, anti-walk
*Triggertech AR10 Diamond Trigger. Available in Pro-Curve or Flat trigger shoe. Your choice of single stage or two-stage.
*Safety, Triggertech, ambidextrous, short throw
*Ergo Tactical Deluxe grip
*Magpul STR adjustable stock
*DNA buffer castle nut and index plate
*Carbine length buffer tube
*JP Enterprises silent capture spring buffer system, proper design determined per specific application

Calibers available

22 Creedmoor, 6mm Creedmoor, 243
Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Remington, 7mm-08,
308 Winchester, 338 Federal

Note: All prices include basic black cerakote coating. Any additional Cerakote Colors and Patterns can be seen on our Cerakote Services page HERE. Additional fees will be added to the prices seen on this page.DLC coating application, ambidextrous bolt release, sling and other mounting accessories, optics and optic accessories, are also available options for this package. 

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