Gunsmith Services Near Me? Look no further! Whether you are in or around NC, or all the way across the country, we can handle your gunsmithing needs. Contact us today to get started.

We offer a long list of gunsmith services at DNA Firearm Systems. Below are a few of what we offer, if it isn’t on the list, chances are we will still do it.

Items can be dropped off at our Locust, NC location, or shipped to us. Please contact us before sending any parts.


The rifle chamber is the cavity at the back end of the barrel where the cartridge is inserted before being fired.

Let DNA Firearm Systems chamber your barrel blank today!

At this time, we only offer rifle cut. Rifle cut barrels are less likely to experience POI (point of impact) shift.

We offer a variety of barrel blanks to integrate. You may also provide your own blank, but we always recommend using one of our blanks for guaranteed accuracy.

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A fundamental to an accurate rifle, bedding is simply the fitting of a barreled action within the rifle stock. Poor fitment means that your rifle will not be accurate due to shifting and movement of components.

We can obtain a correct fit by bedding your barreled action and stock together with an epoxy resin. This means your rifle will maintain stability and accuracy for years to come.

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Muzzle Device Timing

Forget the shims! We will machine time your muzzle brake or silencer for the perfect fit. Timing the brake or silencer means the device will thread onto your barrel with an exact fit required to ensure proper alignment. For a muzzle brake, this means the ports will be perfectly horizontal when fully tightened to spec.

Proper alignment of the muzzle brake ensures effective recoil reduction along with enhanced accuracy.

We also offer pin and weld for muzzle devices.

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Optic Mounting

Optic mounting is often overlooked. Many just slap the scope on and call it a day. Just because a scope is “level”, doesn’t mean the reticle is level to the rifle. Our optic installation service is based upon the principle of ensuring the RETICLE is level to the rifle, rather than the optic itself.

Ring Lapping: If using scope rings, we recommend lapping the rings during installation to ensure full contact between the scope tube and rings. Failure to do so can cause point of impact (POI) shift during operation as well as tracking errors.

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Barrel Nut Timing

Rifle Assembly

Accessory Installation

Cleaning & Maintenance

Barrel Threading

Extended Focus Ring (EFR) Install

Optic Mounting

Cerakote and Laser Engraving

Pin and Weld

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