DLC Coating

What is “DLC”?

Carbon, in a diamond crystal structure, is one of the hardest know materials. Carbon, in a graphite crystal structure, is very soft and lubricous. Carbon-based coatings, referred to as Diamond-like-Carbon (DLC) coatings, combine these two different properties of diamond and graphite – hence possess high hardness levels – in the range of conventional tribological PVD coatings, coupled with a coefficient of friction which is 200-500% lower than that of conventional PVD coatings. DLC Coatings exhibit a desirable combination of a low coefficient of friction and high micro-hardness, making them extremely effective in many tribological and wear applications. DLC is such a durable and lubricous coating it is also used in the engines of modern Super sport Motorcycles, Drag Racing Cars, Formula 1 and NASCAR Race Cars that undergo extreme abuse yet need to maintain superior performance.

DLC coatings are formed when ionized and decomposed carbon or hydrocarbon species land on the surface of a substrate with energy typically 10-300eV. DLC films may possess exceptional mechanical (high hardness), optical (high optical band gap), electrical (high electrical resistivity), chemical (inert) and tribological (low friction and wear coefficient) properties and can be deposited at low substrate temperatures (~200°C).


Alpha and Omega Models NOW Available with DLC application to various components. DLC is an extremely hard coating that provides extreme hardness, strength, wear resistance and the coating is only 4 microns thick. We are the industries first to offer DLC coated receivers! The ultimate goal is more than just a coating the yields strength and reliability. Gas guns can get extremely dirty, (especially when used suppressed). The motive behind offering DLC application on most components that we offer is to aid in extremely fast and simple clean up. Therefore, more time in the field, and less time cleaning.

DLC Coating Services for Components

Do you have a previous DNA build, or components you already own, that you would like to have DLC Coating applicated? Ask us about our DLC Coating Services on existing components.

Note: Components are subject to cleaning and preparation fee for the DLC Coating Service in order to ensure proper bonding.

DLC Service Pricing

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