The Ultra Lightweight Alpha Receiver Sets are designed for providing the most precise fit possible. These AR10/LR308 Receiver Sets push the limits and deliver unmatched accuracy, reliability, and recoil mitigation.

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Our first, publicly available AR-10 Receiver Sets. Get yours today!



What AR10/LR308 owners and enthusiast once considered acceptable, just got better. Each upper and lower receiver set has been matched and specifically designed to be the best AR10 Receiver Set available on the market today.


Tight Dimensions & Tighter Tolerances

  • Tighter than Mil-Spec tolerance with +/- .0005″ tolerance to critical dimensions (dimensions that effect the fit, function and/or performance).
  • Matched receiver sets to ensure the tightest fit between upper and lower receivers interface. Zero play between the upper and lower receiver.
  • Barrel extension to upper receiver fit is a “press fit” and requires heat and/or professional gunsmith installation.
  • Barrel extension index pin to index pin slot on receiver is a “press fit”. This ensures proper timing, especially under extreme stress for some applications requiring heavily torqued barrel nuts.
  • Bolt Carrier Group Interface Portion of Upper Receiver to barrel extension fit holds +-.0005″ tolerances both dimensionally and angularly.
  • Face of receiver holds a +-.0005″ tolerance to the barrel extension fit of upper receiver. No lapping required or necessary (doing so will void warranty).
  • Picatinny rail on top of receiver holds a +-.0005″ tolerance to the barrel extension. Features “low drag” design, allowing for more consistent zero when removing and installing optics.
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Highest Quality Materials

  • Upper & Lower AR-10 Receivers machined from Billet 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. Providing superior rigidity and strength.
  • The Billet 7075 Aircraft Grade Aluminum Delivers a smooth and precise machine finish.
  • Performs excellent during various machining operations.

Superior Machine Finish

  • Minimal tooling marks in critical mating surfaces to ensure the utmost performance and reliability.
  • Easier to clean, less chance for carbon buildup in critical areas.
  • Edges are chamfered to prevent snags.
  • Low friction of receiver to moving parts (upper receiver to bolt carrier fit) which can result in less gas necessary to cycle action. By having the ability to adjust the gas block to allow operation with minimum gas, reduced amounts of gas enter the upper receiver which results in a cooler and cleaner operation. Helps achieve consistent velocities by keeping a consistent burn pressure behind the projectile.
  • Picatinny rail features a chamfered with radius style finish which is designed for low drag purposes. Equates to more consistent optic installation with minimal change to point of impact.

Integrated Features

  • Enlarged ejection port ensure reliable feeding for compatible cartridges.
  • Integrated tension set screw to prevent play between lowers.
  • Barricade stop integrated into lower receiver.
  • Flared extended magwell.
  • Radius design Picatinny Rail System.
    • Reduced drag during accessory mounting.
    • Increased reliability.
    • Prevents dimensional change that often comes from repeat optic installation or unexpected contact during operation.

Ultra Lightweight

Aesthetically pleasing pockets for reduced weight. These matched AR-10 upper & lower receiver sets have a combined weight of only ~1.235lbs.

Multiple Finish Options Available

  • Black Diamond Like Carbon (DLC)
  • True Black Hard Coat Anodize
  • Custom Cerakote (can apply over either DLC or Anodize finishes).


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