DNA Firearm Systems introduces the first of its kind, a 6mm ARC Bolt Action Rifle with a 1-10 Twist Barrel! All machining done in house, we are the only company that is regularly providing hunters with 1-10 Twist 6mm ARC rifles to shoot lighter, varmint projectiles. Predators beware, this build is on the way to it’s new owner. Who else is ready for one?!

Build List:

  • Zermatt Arms TL3 Action (Bighorn), featuring a Helical Diamond Bolt Handle
  • Hawk Hill 6mm, 1-10 Twist, barrel blank
  • Triggertech 700 Clone Special Trigger
  • KRG Bravo Chassis
  • DNA 5″ ARCA Plate
  • Scaleteck Cerakote Pattern using Graphite Black, Platinum Grey, Titanium, Tungsten and Bullshark Grey
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