DNA Welcomes Grant Watson to Team DNA

I started at 8yrs old deer hunting with my Father and hunted pretty much only deer and collected firearms, having owned around 200 of them. One day in January of 2006 I was in Dick’s and stumbled upon a Quaker Boy mouth call and decided to give fox hunting a try. On my first hunt I called in 3 grey fox in two sets, killing one and I was hooked! I called in a few daytime coyotes but had never night hunted until around 2014. After a late-season Muzzleloader hunt in Ohio in January of 2016 I made the most expensive mistake of my life looking through my first thermal scope and knew I had to do everything to have one and haven’t deer hunted since!The rest is history and I am grateful to be apart of such a great group of guys with DNA an look forward to many more years of exciting hunting! In the past few years I have had the chance to hunt with some of the best hunters in the industry and I am grateful for everything I have ever learned about the great sport of predator hunting. As the elder statesmen of the DNA group I might have to get the younger guys to drag for me in the coming years though! 

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