DNA Welcomes John Alden to Team DNA

John Alden was born and raised in Denver, North Carolina, a small town 30 minutes northwest of Charlotte. John grew up spending all his free time in the outdoors fishing, trapping, and hunting. Through the years John regularly pursued whitetails, duck, geese, crows, doves, ground hogs, turkeys, squirrels, and predators.

As John was growing up, he noticed the dramatic increase occurring in the coyote population where he grew up. John told us “I’ll never forget the first time I saw a coyote! I was deer hunting and had one come within 100 yards of me, only to miss it after I had just killed 2 deer at 300 yards! Nothing like the feeling of coyote fever!” He quickly became interested in chasing the coyotes after his first sighting and decided to pursue trying to call them the following weekend. Three minutes into the stand, John and his partner had one coyote run over top of them and four coyotes coming in from the opposite direction. John and his partner managed to kill three coyotes that day and his life was changed forever. “From the moment I shot the first coyote I knew that I was going to be addicted to coyote hunting. Nothing previously in life could compare to the adrenaline rush that I got from that coyote hunt!” From that day forward coyote hunting went to the top of John’s list and he quickly invested into a high quality electronic call, a FOXPRO Fury.

John went to college at Western Carolina University located in Cullowhee, NC where he majored in Construction Management and minored in Business. All of his spare time was dedicated to becoming a better coyote hunter. He spent countless hours on the FoxPro forums and listening to the foxpro predator hunting Talkcast, learning about the different tactics and tricks other hunters around the country had to offer. John loves the challenge of going out and calling coyotes into his territory within a set period of time versus spending hours waiting on them to just happen to pass through the area.

After learning some of the key techniques to draw in the incredibly smart coyotes; John quickly learned how beneficial it would be to own a semi automatic rifle to take advantage of killing multiple coyotes when multiple showed up on a stand. He quickly invested in a 243 ar10.

After college John moved back to Denver and continued running his company, Alden & Son Construction. John has been one of the top producers in coyotes on the east coast in the FoxPro predator hunting competition several years. He won the biggest coyote and most coyotes in the 2014 Carolina Coyote Classic, and biggest female and most coyotes in the 2015 Carolina Coyote Classic. John conducts predator hunting seminars several times a year at different outdoors stores around Charlotte, sharing his knowledge and experience with others to help them increase their odds at predator hunting. He spends his spare time coyote hunting, precision reloading, and fine tuning long range precision rifles.

In 2016 John was introduced to Sean Casey through 704 Outdoors. They quickly became friends and spent lots of time predator hunting and working on different rifle build projects together. John is also a avid Precision Rifle Series long range shooter that shoots all DNA rifles. He is extremely excited to be on the DNA Team!!

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