The Elite - Heavy Competition Rifle at Shooting Range 2
The Elite - Heavy Competition Rifle at Shooting Range Target Impact

First off, just have to say absolutely blown away by the rifle, I did a laser sight at home Thursday just to speed up the zero process, first three shots off just my laser alignment were a 0.75” group, 1.5mil Left, Perfect elevation, needless to say that set the tone for the day. After 40 rounds of break in and cleaning I did some comparison just to see what ammo is best at this stage so I could order some ammo in bulk, got several groups under 1/2MOA and a best of .267”. Went to range 7 for fun and walked it out from 250-1200 with my first miss at 900 yards after clearing the 550y KYL Rack. Once I actually settle on an ammo and dial everything in this thing is going to way out shoot my skills!

DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5 Elite in Splinter Camo

Rifle Specs

  • Chassis: DNA / MDT Elite
  • Barrel: Hawk Hill Custom in 6mm Creedmoor
  • Trigger: Triggertech Diamond 2-Stage Pro Curve
  • Cerakote: Splinter Camo (HI Viz Orange, Titanium, Titanium Blue)
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