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DNA Firearm Systems R-Lock ARCA Plate

The R-Lock ARCA plate is the preferred mounting solution for those who desire an ultra lightweight ARCA compatible plate that delivers a universal mounting design. Spec’d from RRS’s dimensions and tolerances, expect an exceptional fit compatible with all ARCA design clamps/ball heads/tripods/bipod apparatuses.

The flared ends integrated in the bevels that the ARCA clamp secures to, has been a big hit on our first series of ARCA plates, and we continue to include this feature on the new design. This feature aids in preventing the attached equipment from completely disengaging and falling from the clamp system holding the ARCA plate (Ideal for predator hunting).

R-Lock design is a spring-loaded pin that engages the bottom of the ARCA plate as the quick throw lever of the ARCA clamp is cycled to clamp the plate. When one of the R-Lock holes on the bottom of the ARCA plates is lined up with the spring-loaded pin on an R-Lock style clamp system, it creates a positive lock of the ARCA plate to the ARCA clamp.

This locking system and the other features that the DNA Firearm Systems R-Lock ARCA plate delivers, makes it a necessity to various applications, especially those who prefer to lock their rifle into their tripod and then commute to a predator hunting set at night. Designed by predator hunters, for predator hunters.

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M-LOK, Lancer


5", 10", 16"


Hardware mounting design is slotted, allowing for universal mounting options


Billet 7071 aluminum


R-lock design integrated, compatible with ARCA style clamp systems that utilize R-lock features


Weight reduction pockets machined into ARCA rail


Type 3 Black Anodize Finish


Ends of ARCA plate bevels have integrated flares to act as stops. This feature prevents mounted equipment from sliding off ARCA clamp.


RRS Spec's and Tolerances

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