Micarta G2 Competition Bolt Action Rifle


Base package is utilizing our CRF-O action. CRF-3 and Seventy5 are available at upcharge.

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DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5 Action Stainless Receiver, DNA Firearm Systems CRF-3 Action, DNA Firearm Systems CRF-O Action


Foundation Genesis 2


Stainless Cut Rifle Barrel Blank: Choose either Proof Research, Hawk Hill Custom, Brux, or Bartlein


Triggertech R700, Single or Two-Stage



Magazine Tuning


Bottom Metal

Hawkins Precision M5 Detachable Box w/ Extended Magazine Release

Barrel Engraving

Each barrel is custom engraved to allow for easy identification of the caliber and twist rate.

Machine Timed Muzzle Brakes

Forget the shims, we can time your muzzle brake to the barrel for a perfect fit.

Flawless Bedding

We can bed your stock and action together for enhanced rifle accuracy.

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