Seventy5 SA Revelation Bolt Action Rifle

DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5 Action, Short Action Right Hand configuration only
***Option: 0 MOA and 20 MOA full length picatinny rail *** Bolt Face: Determine

Contoured Blank, Rifle Cut
Manufacturer options:
Proof Stainless, Hawk Hill Custom, Brux, Bartlein Caliber:

Triggertech Special Black ***Curve or Straight Shoe

Stock, Foundation Revelation
Short Action length
Inlet: Seventy5
Bottom inlet: Hawkins M5
Weight: Light or Standard
Finish options: (Natural)(Dark)(Coyote)(Dark Distressed)

Hawkins Precision M5 Bottom Metal
***M5 Detachable Box Magazine with extended mag release
***M5 BDL
***M5 Hunter Detachable Box magazine (mag release inside trigger guard)

Chambering of barrel blank to action ***Caliber:


Muzzle Finish ***Thread: ***Crown:

***Option of cerakote application to barrel (+$75.00) ***Option of DLC application to receiver (+190.00)

Assembly of rifle
QC and testing
Chamber brush and nylon bore brush come with rifle

***If this rifle requires a magazine or other components, please add to following product line options

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