Seventy5Ti LA Carbon Tactical Bolt Action Rifle

Proof Research Carbon Fiber Contoured Blank Determine:

Length: Contour:

DNA Firearm Systems Seventy5Ti
DLC Coated receiver and bolt Determine:
Length: Long
Bolt Face:
Optic Base MOA (0 and 20 MOA option):

Triggertech Special Black Determine:
Curve or straight trigger shoe

MDT / DNA edition HNT26
Action: Rem700 LA
Color: (Black or Cobalt Kinetics Green)
Stock: Non Folding or (Folding +$200.00)
Fore-end: Standard or integral Arca Fore-end (+$50.00)

DNA Firearm Systems HNT26 Bushing upgrade service: This bushing and the services of installation strengthens and supports the mounting design of the HNT26. This allows user to torque the cap screws that secure the carbon fiber fore-end to the magnesium frame with a torque value of 20-22 inch pounds. Without this bushing, the top mounting locations are only rated for 8-10 inch pounds. This greatly improves the stiffness of the fore end, and signifigantly reduces deflection (flex) of the for- end.

DNA Firearm Systems Chambering Services Reamer:

Other Specifics:

DNA Firearm Systems Muzzle Finish Thread:

DNA Firearm Systems Assembly and QC Assemble
Tune magazine
QC, cold testing, live testing

Rifle comes with proper Chamber Brush and polymer bore brush

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