AR Platform Rifles

Here are a list of DNA Firearm Systems Gas Gun Models we offer. Browse our different models to find one that fits your hunting style and/or budget!

Note: All prices include basic black cerakote coating. Any additional Cerakote Colors and Patterns can be seen on our Cerakote Services page HERE. Additional fees will be added to the prices seen on this page.

Note: At this time, we are working to update our prices, all prices are subject to increase.

Legend for Model Styles

1st Letter in Model Style
  • A= Magpul STR Adjustable Stock
  • F= LUTH AR MBA1 Stock
  • C= Adjustable Carbon Fiber Buttstock
2nd Letter in Model Style
  • C= Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel
  • S= Stainless Steel Barrel
  • X= Custom Barrel Options (special inquiry)

Alpha Series

Our Alpha Series of gas gun rifles are ideal for the elite hunter looking for the ultimate light weight rifle. Based off our DNA Lightweight Billet Receiver Set, all Alpha models come with the most premium components we have tested and stand behind. Most models are sub 8lbs and we can get them close to the 7lb mark without sacrificing performance and reliability.

Alpha Carbon Pro

Price- $4,650.00 / SEE DETAILS

Alpha Carbon

Price- $4,550.00 / SEE DETAILS

Alpha FC

Price- $4,255.00 / SEE DETAILS

Alpha AC

Price- $4,255.00 / SEE DETAILS

Alpha FS

Price- $3,750.00 / SEE DETAILS

Alpha AS

Price- $3,750.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Series

Omega Series are the most durable, dependable rifles on the market. All models have been tested in the most extreme hunting conditions and have surpassed our standards to have the DNA name on them. These models are for the hunter that do not mind a little more weight, but demand a rock solid platform that will perform flawlessly. The weight of the Omega Series lands just slightly heavier then our Alpha series, yet performance being neck and neck with the lighter series. All Omega models are available in a side charge configuration. The advantage of the side charge receiver is it allows adjustability of the cheek comb laterally to the receiver with out creating interference of a rear charge handle. In return this delivers optimum comfort for proper shooting form and desired eye relief for night optics.

Omega Side Charge Carbon Pro

Price- $4,400.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Side Charge Carbon

Price- $4,300.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Side Charge FC

Price- $3,900.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Side Charge AC

Price- $3,900.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Side Charge FS

Price- $3,400.00 / SEE DETAILS

Omega Side Charge AS

Price- $3,400.00 / SEE DETAILS

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